It’s been awhile

It’s been months and months since I have written anything, let along published something. There has been so much going on in my life that I wouldn’t even know where to start. A list of ten things that has been going:

  1. I live away from my family in a share house with my friends. It started that I only really had one friend there and now everyone in my house seems to like me and admires me (I think, I hope). The people I live with at a weird bunch. I live with someone that has such high levels of anxiety that most of the things she says is “I’m sorry” or something along those lines. She and I run the house, we then live with one guy and another chick. The guy is a DJ and is very good at what he does, though he doesn’t seem to keep a job for long he always has his music to fall back on, he hopes to get into the music school next year and purse these dream. The girl I live with is the loveliest person that I have ever met, she will help you as much as she can, the thing with her is that we will lose her one day, one day sooner than we will all like.
  2. I go to University no, I just finish a course called OnTrack. It’s a university prep program, it’s for those that didn’t have the scores to get into university or haven’t been in a long time and want to refresh what they know and enhance their skills. The course was so very good and I would advise anyone to do one. Even if you can get into university without it (and I mean only just get into university, then go for it do the course) they teach you so much about the way that the university’s work and how they want you to do everything. It’s great!
  3. I will now be going into Asian Studies and I hope to be able to team that with criminology. Not really sure why but I think that it will be fun and open up so many different things.
  4. I do yoga. It’s been the only way that I have found that I don’t rage at everyone I live with, as much as they are a great bunch they drive me nuts and I want to leave every other week, but the rent is cheap and it’s close to my university. So I do yoga to calm myself.
  5. I own a cat! She’s the most precise thing! She was a gift from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. She was a rescue kitten, she purred so much when I got her, still does but she’s settled in and is now as crazy as ever! Has so MANY crazy cat hours.
  6. I use to work full time at a café, but now I work around 15 hours a week and that pays well and I enjoy it a lot more then I use too. I do everything for be a barista to the cooking and everything in between. It’s a lot of fun, I work with a great bunch of people. So I think that it’s a great job to keep, so I plan to keep working there though out of my degree.
  7. My boyfriend is great, his an amazing cook and a great lover. He like every male can be a bit of a handful but I love him. He makes me feel so at home where ever he is. I kind of hope that he is the one. You know all that romantic stuff. He really is great, he always make me feel safe. I love that and I love him.
  8. I am just about to buy a new car (well second hand new).
  9. I’m starting to travel again and that’s so exciting for me. At the moment I’m in New South Wales in Australia. In the Blue Mountains, I have been hunting out the best food places that this area has to offer and have found some amazing places so far.
  10. And number ten, I’m quiet happy with my life, I have amazing friends and family and I know that I will get though the times ahead with them by my side.

This is ME. I am starting my blog again and I am starting my life again. I will do the things that I want and I wont let what happened in my past stop the new me. This is my life and it’s time that i took control!


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